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Online Gambling: How to Protect Your PC While You Win Big

If there's one thing you don't want to gamble with when you're enjoying a flutter online, it's your computer's security. While there are hundreds of reputable sites out there, an accidental click on a link belonging to a bad egg could seriously jeopardise your computer and your data.

Fortunately, protecting yourself isn't tricky, but remaining vigilant is a must. For a quick safety check-up before you hit the tables, we've put together a must-read guide to playing it safe when you're gambling online.

1. Only play on sites you trust

Choosing your online gambling hot spot can be tricky. With lots of options and tempting incentives out there, it can be only too easy to fall into the clutches of a less than reputable website, set up purely to steal your financial details. Other sites may not be out and out criminals, but they may be a little shady when it comes to pasyout.

With this in mind, make sure you exercise caution when you're choosing your next game. Only give your information to companies you trust. You can easily find out more about sites by reading online reviews, if anything looks fishy, don't put your money where your mouth is.

2. Be password smart

No matter how reputable your favourite gambling websites may be, exercising caution when it comes to your account information is essential. This is good practice everywhere online, whether you're setting up an account with your supermarket or joining a new social network. The rules are simple:

Use a unique, complex password for every website.
Choose a different username for different gambling site.
Keep your details on a physical piece of paper, not your computer.

If you want to be extra secure, you may want to consider setting up a number of different email accounts and signing up with a different account each time you join a new website. To be even more secure, changing your password weekly or monthly will help to keep you safer than Fort Knox.

3. Be antivirus aware

Those regular pop-ups can be a pain, but make sure your antivirus software is updated as regularly as possible. Keep your antivirus running in the background at all times and perform a full computer scan once a week to make sure you haven't been infiltrated! Again, this isn't just good practice for online gambling, it's plain old good computer maintenance.

4. Use different cards

Debit cards, credit cards, eWallets – mixing up the accounts you use on different gambling sites will minimise the risk to you financially should your account get hacked. Don't use an account which contains larger sums of money. Instead, set up new accounts which contain small amounts to protect yourself should the worst happen.

5. Look for regulation

Make sure that any site you're going to gamble with is accredited and regulated by a reputable body. In the EU, the EGBA (European Gambling and Betting Association) has strict guidelines in place, designed to protect players. These include stipulations that companies must protect "confidential customer information from unauthorised or unnecessary disclosure".

How do you choose the sites you gamble on? Would you like to learn more about Ace Live Casino's rigorous terms, conditions and privacy policies? Share your tips and opinions below or find out more about our rules and regulations online.


Alcohol & Gambling: Should You Have a Drink When You Roll the Dice?


How Alcohol Affects Your Judgement When Gambling photo JO203-01.png

Alcohol and gambling are closely connected. Both can be enjoyable in moderation. Both are open to abuse. And, when you're sitting around a card table, can anything make you feel cooler than a scotch on the rocks?

This “007 effect” may be seductive, but it's also likely to result in less intelligent, less informed gambling. Many studies show that a couple of drinks can make us feel invincible and ready for the casino. Other research indicates that we'd be better off playing our hand stone cold sober. So what are the effects of booze on the way we gamble? Read on to explore some of the effects that a tipple or three can have on the way we play. Including:

An impaired attention span & worse judgement

A reduced “oops!” reflex

Blurred vision

Less insight into opponents

Increasingly poor decision making

A dangerous cycle...

Alcohol can reduce “prefrontal cortical excitability”

In plain English this means that even a couple of drinks can have a marked impact on the part of your brain responsible for your attention span, memory and judgement. This crucial piece of your brain is known as your prefrontal cortex and it's essential for good decision-making.

It may sound like common sense, but Kähkönen et al.'s 2003 study provides scientific proof that the more you drink, the less attention you pay to what's going on in front of you and the less reasoned your decision-making becomes. If you reach the tables with a game plan, a few too many could seriously scupper your strategy.

One stiff drink can impair your “oops” reflex

Ridderinkhof et al.'s research published in 2002 reveals that, not only can one stiff drink (or two glasses of wine) slow down your decision-making, it can also stop you from realising you've made a mistake in the first place. This reaction is something Ridderinkhof calls “the oops response”.

We've all done things we regret whilst under the influence, but usually it's not until the morning after that our mistakes really catch up with us. When we make an error sober, scientists can detect a brainwave that recognises our mistakes. When we're drunk and make mistakes (which is statistically much more likely) this “oops” response is almost non-existent, preventing us from fixing or learning from our slip ups. Not a good gambling trait.

Alcohol blurs your vision

We all know about the effect of “beer goggles” but, in reality, alcohol badly affects our vision, impairing our eye muscle coordination and making it more difficult for our irises to respond to changes in light. So that ace of spades you have in your hand could turn out to be a club...

Men who drink heavily experience a reduction in empathy

A 2012 study of chronic male drinkers found that regular boozing can reduce men's ability to recognise emotions in verbal communication and from both posture and facial expressions. Sitting around the poker table, you need to be able to pick up on your opponents' body language and read their emotional signals. Staying sober will keep you sharp.

Chronic drinkers make worse decisions

You only have to look at the performance of non-drinkers compared to that of heavy, regular drinkers to see that booze can badly compromise your decision-making skills. Even when you're not under the influence.

In this 2009 study by Loeberm Duka, et al, subjects who had a chronic alcohol dependency found it far more difficult to learn to choose from decks which contained more advantageous cards. Subjects without an active alcohol problem learned more quickly to choose from the better decks. Just imagine if they'd all been around a blackjack table...

Chronic gambling and boozing feed each other

When problem gamblers are winning, research suggests that they think more about drinking. This typically leads to them drinking more heavily and impairing their decision-making further. This typically results in a loss. When drinking, problem gamblers tend to think more about gambling. It's a lose-lose and a dangerous spiral. Particularly since gamblers who drink heavily tend to gamble for longer and take much greater risks.

Why play free online casino games before you deposit?

To start off any reputable casino should offer the customer the option to demo games before they take your details, the fact is that why should you pay for anything that you don't know if you're going to enjoy, and you certainly shouldn't give people your email beforehand, after all you don't want to be getting come back spam every week for the rest of your life. After all would you make any other purchase blind to what the product is like?

With Live Casino games being a relatively new offering in the online gaming market free online casino games are definitely something that you may want to give a go, you may even be willing to move casino simply because the dealers are better, the quality of dealer is as important as the quality of the software since they are the person that you will be dealing with and if you don't like them then you won't enjoy your game. These live games help bridge the gap between the online casino games and the land based market they should in theory open up a huge new market and make things a lot more interesting to people who do not enjoy the traditional online casino games. These are the people who will really need to be able to try before they buy so to speak.

Fortunately for the players Ace Live Casino requires no downloading so it won't take any effort at all for you to give the games a try and you'll be able to come to a decision quite quickly as to whether or not you are interested in signing up to the online casino. And you have to remember that the free online casino games are not just for the demos you can also play them on your main account or maybe play some free slots while you're waiting for your live dealer to deal or set the wheel. And Ace Live Casino offers you all there games free to play unlike some online casinos which simply offer you a small test selection hoping that will be enough to get you hooked. The openness of the casino is in some ways a guarantee of quality seeing as you have already seen everything that is on offer.

Free online casino games are also a good way to continue to play if you are a little short on cash and feel like playing the games they are also a good way to punctuate your play to make your money go that little bit further, there are many reasons that you should only chose a casino which offer some free online casino games and whilst most do there still are one of two which do not offer this service, always keep in mind a reputable casino will always give you a free play option.


Live Baccarat Strategy.

Baccarat is swiftly becoming a something of a favourite in both the online and in house gaming communities. Live Baccarat is quickly becoming a very popular option using live dealers from Costa Rica.

A truly classic game which has a rich and interesting history, one which many experts date back to the late 17th century. Still, there can only be so far that you, as a gamer can go with a game that is 100% chance orientated, but we are willing to help in any way that we can. If you cannot improve your game in a way that improves your Live Bacaratodds, then you can learn specific strategies that can limit your losses and hopefully increase your winnings. The following hints and tips are designed with this in mind but before you continue, remember that gaming responsibly is the most important rule of online gambling, so know your own limits before you decide to take your Baccarat playing to the next level.

Though there are numerous strategies which are supposedly famed for their effectiveness, a true Baccarat pro will know that the best way to ensure that you leave the table with the best set of chips possible is to implement a flat betting scheme. It may not sound exciting, but flat betting has the best results. Put simply, flat betting stops you from adding too much money to any single game and as a result helps to keep your game grounded. By implementing a flat betting scheme, you will be able to bet larger amounts as you will not need to double your bet with your losses like you would in a Martingale scheme, a scheme which has many flaws including limit. Alongside pattern spotting, whereby a gamer is helped to look for patterns in the results of a baccarat game, flat betting tend to offer the best results.

So, though you may have been expecting some high-octane information, as it turns out the game of Baccarat is a very simple affair after all and with a sensible head and flat betting, a gamer could walk away from a table with a seriously impressive packet. As long as you know your limits, ironically, the possibilities are limitless.


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