Increase in Gambing Statistics regardless of Recession?

Increase in Gambing Statistics regardless of Recession?

A Recession that cost the country about a million jobs has not stopped cash-strapped South Africans from going for broke in the casinos.|Recession has not prevented the South Africans for gambling in casinos.|The South Africans have not been put off gambling in casinos by tough economic times.

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Statistics released by the gambling data companies in 2009/10, show that gross gambling revenue rose by 2.17%, from R15.9-billion in 2008/09 to about R16.6-billion this year.

Investment Solutions economists say the statistics were not surprising because the gambling industry was a defensive industry resistant to recession.

People gamble almost regardless of how the economy is doing.

Statistics showing that gambling revenue had grown more slowly than in previous years were almost indicative of the pressures of recession.

Peter Collins, executive director of the National Responsible Gambling Programme, said the increase was, in real terms,actually a small decline.

Programmes that run the problem-gambling hotline, indicated there had not been a significant increase in the number of calls to the hotline.

It does not look as if problem gambling is related to general economic circumstances or availability (of casinos). What's more alarming  is the number of jobless people gambling.

If you want to reduce problem gambling, then the problem of unemploymen needs to be reduced toot.

Addiction Action Campaign chief executive Warren Whitfield said the most important statistics were not published. The (number) of problem gamblers and how much money they are spending.

Whitfield said similar studies in Australia had found that some casinos made up to half of their profits from problem gamblers.

The national gambling statistics indicated that 84.3% of the R16-billion gambling revenue in South Africa went to casinos.

But, said Whitfield, the casinos spent only 0.1% of their income on prevention and rehabilitation.

Trade and Industry Department spokesman Sidwell Medupe said the minister had established a gambling review commission to assess gambling in general‚ The Times, Avusa Group News.

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