Live Blackjack vs Computerised Blackjack

blackjack-and-card-gamesBlackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world and for good reason, it is a game where everyone thinks they can win, how many times have men sat in a pub discussing the perfect system or how those MIT geniuses managed to fleece a fortune with there ability to count cards. It is a casino game which can be beaten, if you know how, perhaps that is the attraction to the game. Or perhaps it is the fact that it's fast paced and relatively simple to learn, in its most basic sense get closer to 21 than the dealer simple right? Well if blackjack has been so popular as to make it into pretty much every casino in the world then surely a live version which makes things more like the real thing would come as a welcome improvement to aficionados the world over.

The Benefits of Live Blackjack

Playing Blackjack against a real dealer is always going to be more fun than doing so against a computer quite simply because you feel more secure in the fact that you're not being swindled as with all live games. Lets not forget that a good dealer can make the game a lot more entertaining, a little bit of banter with your dealer can be part of the fun right? Well the live casino games give some of that back to the online player with the chance to talk to the dealers. There is also the fact that the odds of winning a game of live blackjack is quite likely judging by recent statistics in fact many live casinos have paid out over 99% in their live blackjack over recent years and it is almost always a loss leader for casinos. If that's not a great reason to spend your time and money on a game like this then what is?

The benefits to Computerised Blackjack

Now, while we're trying to give a balanced argument here it is somewhat difficult, not because we're particularly biased, just because it seems like live blackjack is a much better option, the fact is that if you want a speedier game with less waiting then a computerised game might be for you, but that is pretty much the only real reason to play this over the live version. Perhaps if you are playing on a really bad internet connection or currently playing another live steamed game then the old fashioned online version may be an idea, other than that we have to recommend the live version.

Will My Internet Connection Let Me Play Live Blackjack?

As long as you have broadband yes, you should have absolutely no issues what so ever with live blackjack providing that you are not streaming a lot of other things or doing anything else that is particularly taxing on your bandwidth. You should even be able to play two live streamed games at once if you have a good connection.

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