Blackjack Game Comparison

Blackjack itself has been around for 100's of years tracing its origin back to the 17th century the game has several variants although the most well known of the two are the standard and single deck varieties of the game. There are a lot more blackjack varieties popping up which offer side games to make the game a little more interesting a give a new spin on an old classic. Blackjack games have become more diverse as the game has spanned the globe working its way into almost every casino in the globe, being relatively easy to get to grips with and still seeming winnable has surely helped it gain popularity. The game has appeared in several movies and often comes up in the news for example when the group of MIT students managed to count cards and beat the casino playing blackjack.

Blackjack with side bets

Triple sevens is one of the more popular versions of side bet blackjack with a side bet and the idea is pretty simple, if the 1st card you are dealt is a 7 then the side bet kicks in with you accumulating more and more as you gain more 7s, if you manage to get three 7s of diamonds then in some cases you can win a progressive jackpot. This game has gathered a particularly large following online with it being very common amongst online casinos.

The Hi Lo European Blackjack side bet is also one of the more well known, but unfortuately carries a very high house edge. The bet is based on the players starting hand, if it has a value of under 13 he/she would win on a low et over 13 high and exactly 13 is a tie, the previously mentioned house edge on this bet is usually as follows.

• Lo: 6.65%
• Tie: 7.99%
• Hi: 10.08

This definitively shows that is may not be the best way to go in terms of blackjack games side bets, but if you are going to make one then the best bet is definitely to go low.

The final side bet that we are going to look at is 21 duel blackjack and the up side bet that this option that it offers this bet can pay out 20:1 but the odds aren't great, this bet is placed before the revealing of the 1st 3 cards, if the cards make a pair then the side bet is paid out at 3-1, but if they are three of a kind then the aforementioned 20-1 is paid out.

There are many other side bets that can be made in blackjack games; however we have only examined a few, in this article we will be looking into more in the future. Blackjack is constantly getting bigger and more and more side bets and variants are appearing all the time, so be sure to give some of them a try, there is a reason this game is so popular after all.

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