What are the major differences between casino roulette and live online roulette?

american-rouletteWell rather surprisingly there isn't a great deal of difference between the two, the differences are more subtle than anything else, the main one of course being that you're not actually there, but that comes with both negative aspects and positive ones. On the one hand you may not feel quite as pressured to continue on a winning streak and find it easier to cash out when you've had enough, that is one of the main drawbacks to being in a live casino is the pressure, but of course the main downside to this issue is the fact that you may think you don't get the same atmosphere which is true in some ways, but the live online roulette experience is a lot closer to that than the old online roulette games used to be, you actually see a real wheel spinning and get to interact with a croupier which makes the experience a lot more like the real thing.

Another positive for live online roulette is that it can work out an awful lot cheaper than going to the actual casino and anyone who has ever bought a drink in a casino will know it isn't cheap, then you have parking, tips and any other intrinsic costs involved in going out. Contrarily, going out can be part of the experience and missing out on that is quite possibly one of the biggest drawbacks to online gambling if that is the part that you actually enjoy.

An online casino never closes, another key factor in the success of online casinos, live online roulette is no exception to this rule you can play round the clock if you wish, although we would advise that at some point you should get some sleep. If you do happen to be an early riser with nothing to do at say 5am it is quite likely your local casino will be closed for cleaning or some other such necessity, whereas live roulette online is available 24/7.

So let's talk about what's similar, both give you a live croupier, both give you a regulation roulette wheel and the same rules apply, well assuming your playing the same version (European or American roulette), and the odds are the same, in fact other than the difference of leaving the house there is very little to talk about. Live online roulette is definitely a good alternative to going to the casino especially if you don't the computerised versions of the games to give you a fair crack of the whip, after all you can't programme the wheel to only pay out after so many spins. Even if 99% of programmes are reputable there is always one. So Live online roulette truly appears to be a viable alternative to land based roulette although if you like going to the casino for the day out then it may well be simply an alternative to when you can't get to the casino.


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