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Global Roulette - 45 Seconds

Game Features

  • The roulette ball will spin every 45 seconds
  • There are random animations when the ball spins
  • There are Special Bets
  • You can Chat on-line with other players


With our Global Roulette game, the player endeavours to anticipate on which of the roulette wheels numbered slots the ball will land.

One Single Zero

Ace Live Casino's Global Roulette wheel has just one single zero. If the ball falls on zero, the payout on ALL even money bets such as black/red, odd/even, high/low is 50% of the initial wager.

Game Layout

The Table incorporates a One Zero Roulette Wheel, a Special Bets Menu, a Racetrack and a Player Info area.

The alternately red and black coloured slots of the Roulette Wheel are marked with the numbers running from 1 through to 36 and a green "0".

There are two different betting areas on the Table: one area is for placing Inside Bets and constitutes a grid with each individual number from 1 – 36 on its corresponding square of the grid and with the "0" at the top. The other area is for placing your Outside Bets and is made up of different, clearly marked betting spaces which surround the numbered grid of the Inside Bets on three sides of the table. For more information on the various Inside and Outside betting options available, please read "Types of Bets" below.

You can place "Neighbour" bets on the oval racetrack layout which shows the numbers in exactly the same order as those on the roulette wheel and can be viewed on the right-hand side of the Roulette Table.

The Special Bets menu permits you to choose and bet all the popular number-related wagers. This panel can be toggled backwards and forwards between Special Bets and Chat by just clicking the corresponding link at the top of the panel and can be minimized by just clicking on the arrow.

Your Balance, Total Bet (as in per spin,) Result (as in per spin) and the list of Last 15 Results are all shown in the The Player Info areas.

Features of the Game

While the game is in progress both the message area at the bottom of the game console and the dealer audio are always there to assist you.

If you drag your mouse over the different areas of the table, the squares where you have placed your bets will light up so that, if you placed a chip in the centre of the number 10 and pass your mouse over it, number 10 will light up and, if you placed a "split bet" by putting a chip between numbers 10 and 12, both numbers will light up.

To place your bet, just click on the number/s or the betting area you want to bet on: each time you click on the same spot, your betting amount is increased by one chip.

The value of the last chip clicked on in the chip stack is conveniently memorized so that the same chip value can be repeated without you having to return to the chip stack.

The player control area includes Confirm, Clear Bets, Back, New Game and Repeat Bets buttons which are all within the Player Control section and will appear whenever they can be used. The Player Control area also accommodates a chip stack for selecting your betting amounts and the various betting areas of the Roulette table.

By placing your mouse over the "Table Limits" card on the table, you can see the details of both the table betting limits and the payouts.

How to Play

1. Click on the chip stack placed at the lower, left-hand corner of the game screen and select the amount you want to bet. The total amount you bet has to be either equal to or greater than the minimum bet requirement that is posted on the table.

2. Once you have selected the amount you want to bet on the chip stack, click on one of the area/s on the table where you want to place your bet/s and the corresponding chips will materialize on the selected area of the table. Should you want to remove your bet/s, just use either the Back or the Clear Bets buttons. When you're using the Back button, your chips will vanish from the table one by one, in the same order you initially placed them. By clicking on the Clear Bets button, all the bets you placed on the table will vanish together. To place exactly the same bets that you played on the previous spin, just click the Repeat Bets button.

3. Once your bet/s is/are placed, simply click on the Confirm button: your bets will be accepted and as soon as the timer has counted down to zero, the ball will appear on the wheel. Once the ball has spun and fallen into a slot, that number and colour will light up on the table and a close-up shot of where the ball landed will pop up on a panel. All winnings or losses are shown at the bottom of the game screen on the player information panel. Your balance increases when you win whereas any losses are deducted from your balance.


If you want to chat with fellow players while playing, simply click on the CHAT tab at the bottom left-hand side of the game screen and the CHAT panel will appear. There's a field at the bottom of the CHAT panel where you can type a message. When you've finished typing your message or comment, click on the SEND button and your message will be published to all the other players.

Please note that the system will automatically block any internet addresses from being published online and, should you type a URL (Web address,) although you will be able to see it in the CHAT panel, it will be blocked to other players and they will not be able to see it.

The Ace Live Casino system also publishes messages in the CHAT panel every time a player has a winning bet with the player's nickname and the amount won on the winning number.

Offensive Language

Our chat system has built-in filters which will automatically block out both offensive words and phrases from any players partaking in the chat. Should you type a swear word, you yourself will be able to view what you have written but the other players in the chat will just see it as ****. This feature has been built into the system so that the person typing the message is not aware what offensive words and language has been blocked. We request you not to use unnecessary, offensive language and to be respectful of the other players in the game.

Chat Blocking

Ace Live Casino's chat moderators are always monitoring the current chat and have access to all the historical chat logs. In the event you are seen to be abusing the chat system with offensive or unseemly language, with URL's to other sites, or are soliciting other players to change their mode of play, you could be blocked from future chats without prior notice from our Support team. It is totally at the discretion of our chat moderators as to how long you will be blocked for.

Different Bet Types

1. Inside Bets

2. Outside Bets

3. Neighbour Bets

4. Special Bets

You can place bets from 4 different locations on the Roulette table. The table below describes the betting areas and payouts for all types of bets. When placing bets, the table will light up the numbers that will be included in your bet when you place your mouse over the bet area.

1. Inside Bets:
1) Straight Up (En plein) 1 number
Pays 35:1
Place your bet on any single number.
2) Split (A cheval) 2 numbers
Pays 17:1
Place your bet on the line between any two numbers including 0 and 1, 0 and 2 or 0 and 3.
3) Street (Transversale) 3 numbers
Pays 11:1
Place your bet at the lower end of any row of numbers.
4) Corner (Carré and Quatre première) 4 numbers
Pays 8:1
Place your bet at the cross where four numbers meet or on the lower intersection between 0 and 1. You can also place your bet at the point where the 0, 1st 12, and 1 intersect.
5) Line (Sixaine) 6 numbers
Pays 5:1
Place your bet at the upper end of two rows at the intersection between them.
2. Outside Bets:
1) Column (Colonne) 12 numbers
Pays 2:1
Place your bet in one of the 3 boxes at the end of the columns.The 0 is not included.
2) Dozen (Douzaine) 12 numbers
Pays 2:1
Place your bet in one of the 3 boxes marked with "1st 12", "2nd 12" or "3rd 12". The 0 is not included.
3) Red (Rouge) 18 numbers
Pays 1:1
Place your bet in the box marked with a red diamond. The 0 is not included.
4) Black (Noir) 18 numbers
Pays 1:1
Place your bet in the box marked with a black diamond. The 0 is not included.
5) Even (Pair) 18 numbers
Pays 1:1
Place your bet in the box marked with "EVEN". The 0 is not included.
6) Odd (Impair) 18 numbers
Pays 1:1
Place your bet in the box marked with "ODD". The 0 is not included.
7) 1 to 18 (Manque) 18 numbers
Pays 1:1
Place your bet in the box marked with "1 to 18". The 0 is not included.
8) 19 to 36 (Passé) 18 numbers
Pays 1:1
Place your bet in the box marked with "19 to 36". The 0 is not included.
3. Neighbour Bets: The following bets can be placed in the number oval located above the Table layout.
1) Neighbour Bet (Voisin) 5-chips bet on a number covers the number itself and the two numbers on each side of it. For example, if a bet is placed on the 17, the player wins on 2, 25, 17, 34, 6. Payout is equivalent to a straight up bet at 35:1.
2) Voisins du Zero 9-chips bet covers Zero plus seven numbers on right, nine numbers on left. 0/2/3 + 25/26/28/29, each with 2 chips, 4/7 + 12/15 + 18/21 + 19/22 + 32/35, each with 1 chip. Payout is equivalent to a split bet at 17:1.
3) Tiers du Cylindre 6-chips bet covers numbers from the thirty-three to the twenty-seven on wheel. 5/8 + 10/11 + 13/16 + 23/24 + 27/30 + 33/36, each with 1 chip. Payout is equivalent to a split bet at 17:1.
4. Special Bets: You can select 30 different special bets from the menu located on the bottom left corner of the play area. Each of these special bets covers a group of numbers. All payouts are according to how the bet covers the numbers. For example, a chip covering 2 numbers pays for a split bet 17:1, a chip covering 4 numbers pays for a corner bet 8:1 etc.
1) Orphelin Plein 8-chips bet covers 1 + 6 + 9 + 14 + 17 + 20 + 31 + 34, each with 1 chip.
2) Orphelin Cheval 5-chips bet covers the number 1 with 1 chip and the numbers 6/9 + 14/17 + 17/20 + 31/34, each with 1 chip.
3) Zero Game 4-chips bet covers the number 26 with 1 coin and the numbers 0/3 + 12/15 + 32/35, each with 1 chip.
4) Finale Plein 0 4-chips bet covers 0 + 10 + 20 + 30, each with 1 chip.
5) Finale Plein 1 4-chips bet covers 1 + 11 + 21 + 31, each with 1 chip.
6) Finale Plein 2 4-chips bet covers 2 + 12 + 22 + 32, each with 1 chip.
7) Finale Plein 3 4-chips bet covers 3 + 13 + 23 + 33, each with 1 chip.
8) Finale Plein 4 4-chips bet covers 4 + 14 + 24 + 34, each with 1 chip.
9) Finale Plein 5 4-chips bet covers 5 + 15 + 25 + 35, each with 1 chip.
10) Finale Plein 6 4-chips bet covers 6 + 16 + 26 + 36, each with 1 chip.
11) Finale Plein 7 3-chips bet covers 7 + 17 + 27, each with 1 chip.
12) Finale Plein 8 3-chips bet covers 8 + 18 + 28, each with 1 chip.
13) Finale Plein 9 3-chips bet covers 9 + 19 + 29, each with 1 chip.
14) Finale Cheval 0/1 5-chips bet covers 0/1 + 10/11 + 20/21 + 30 + 31, each with 1 chip.
15) Finale Cheval 1/2 5-chips bet covers 1/2 + 11/12 + 21 + 22 + 31/32, each with 1 chip.
16) Finale Cheval 2/3 5-chips bet covers 2/3 + 12 + 13 + 22/23 + 32/33, each with 1 chip.
17) Finale Cheval 4/5 5-chips bet covers 4/5 + 14/15 + 24 + 25 + 34/35, each with 1 chip.
18) Finale Cheval 5/6 5-chips bet covers 5/6 + 15 + 16 + 25/26 + 35/36, each with 1 chip.
19) Finale Cheval 0/3 4-chips bet covers 0/3 + 10/13 + 20/23 + 30/33, each with 1 chip.
20) Finale Cheval 1/4 4-chips bet covers 1/4 + 11/14 + 21/24 + 31/34, each with 1 chip.
21) Finale Cheval 2/5 4-chips bet covers 2/5 + 12/15 + 22/25 + 32/35, each with 1 chip.
22) Finale Cheval 3/6 4-chips bet covers 3/6 + 13/16 + 23/26 + 33/36, each with 1 chip.
23) Finale Cheval 7/8 4-chips bet covers 7/8 + 17/18 + 27 + 28, each with 1 chip.
24) Finale Cheval 8/9 4-chips bet covers 8/9 + 18 + 19 + 28/29, each with 1 chip.
25) Finale Cheval 4/7 3-chips bet covers 4/7 + 14/17 + 24/27, each with 1 chip.
26) Finale Cheval 5/8 3-chips bet covers 5/8 + 15/18 + 25/28, each with 1 chip.
27) Finale Cheval 6/9 3-chips bet covers 6/9 + 16/19 + 26/27, each with 1 chip.
28) Finale Cheval 7/10 3-chips bet covers 7/10 + 17/20 + 27/30, each with 1 chip.
29) Finale Cheval 8/11 3-chips bet covers 8/11 + 18/21 + 28/31, each with 1 chip.
30) Finale Cheval 9/12 3-chips bet covers 9/12 + 19/22 + 29/32, each with 1 chip.

Betting Limits

1) The Table Limits:

1. Table Minimum: The total amount of bets placed prior to each spin must be equal to or greater than the minimum betting requirement that is posted on the table.

2. Table Maximum: The total amount of bets placed prior to each spin must be equal to or greater than the maximum betting requirement that is posted on the table.

2) The Bet Limits

Aside from the table limits, in Roulette there are also limits to the various individual bets.

1. Inside Minimum Bet: Each individual inside bet must meet the posted minimum. The limit is not accumulative, meaning that, as an example - if the minimum Inside bet is set at 10, two inside bets of 5 each will not meet that minimum whereas 10 on one would.

2. Outside Minimum Bet: Each individual Outside bet must meet the posted minimum. Again, as above, this is not accumulative.

3. Straight Up Max: Means that this is the maximum amount that can be bet on one single number.

4. Maximum Outside 12-Bet: This covers Outside bets corresponding to all the 12 number bets, as in Column and the Dozen bets. This limit is applied to one single Outside 12 Bet, so you can wager more than one 12-Bet up to the maximum limit on each one.

5. Maximum Outside 18-Bet: This covers Outside bets that correspond to the 18 numbers bets, such as the Black/Red, Even/Odd and Hi/Low bets. This limit applies to one single Outside 18-bet, so you can wager more than one 18-Bet up to the maximum limit on each one.

Check the table card on the gaming table for the specific amounts corresponding to both the Table and the Betting Limits.

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