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Lucky 7 Slots at Ace Live Casino

lucky seven screenshot

Slot Features

  • 18 Lines
  • Wild Double Winning 7 Combos
  • Multi Bonus Games



Lucky 7 is a bonus slot with a wild symbol and a scatter bonus. There are two modes of play: regular and bonus. During regular play the objective is to obtain a winning combination of symbols on any of the 18 paylines. You can select any number of paylines and you can bet from 1 to 5 coins on each line.

During bonus play you've got the chance to multiply your coins played many times over. When you see a winning bonus combination on the reels, a bonus game will automatically open. There are two bonus games: Color Bonus and Lucky Rainbow Bonus - more on these below!


A slot with 5 reels and 18 paylines is used. The player can choose the value of the credits being played. For each payline selected, the player can bet from 1 to 5 credits for a maximum bet of 90 credits. Payouts for winning combinations depend on how many credits were bet on the winning line.

How to Play:

  1. Choose your desired credit amount while the game loads. You can also change your credit value after the game has loaded by using the arrows on either side of the credit value display in the game panel.

  2. Select which paylines you want to bet on by clicking on the payline indicators on the right and left side of the reels. Each time you click on a payline indicator, another coin will be added to the current bet for that line and the total number of coins bet will be displayed.

  3. You can also bet using the Bet 9, Bet 18 or Bet Max buttons. Your total bet amount will be shown in the Bet display.

  4. Click the Spin button to spin the reels.

  5. You can continue to bet the same amount as the previous spin by clicking the Spin button.

Button Functions:

Payline Indicators

These buttons are used to view the paylines and also to make bets. Lines 1 - 9 are on the left of the reels, lines 10 - 18 are on the right. You can view the payline by simply holding your mouse over the payline indicators.

Pay Table

Opens the paytable to show you the wins for winning combinations of icons. You can change the paytable to show winning amounts based on how many coins bet per line. Clicking the Next button will open a page with a brief explanation of the bonus games. You can view the actual paylines by clicking the Pay Lines button. Click Back to Game to close the paytable and return to the game panel.


Clears all the credits bet on all the lines and resets the bet amounts for each line to 0.

Bet 9

Each time you click this button, a 1 credit bet gets placed on each of the 9 paylines to the left of the reels.

Bet 18

This button places a 1 credit bet on each of the 18 paylines. Clicking this button more than once results in additional 1 credit bets on each of the 18 paylines.

Bet Max

Clicking the Bet Max button will place the maximum bet of 5 credits per payline for a total bet amount of 90 credits. The reels automatically spin when you use the Bet Max button.


Once you have placed your bets on your paylines of choice, this button is used to spin the reels and get the results.


Game Display:


Your total balance is converted into a number of credits based on the value of the credits that you are playing with. For example if your balance is 1000.00 and you choose a credit value of 2.00 per credit, your Credits balance will be 500. If you were playing with a credit value of 0.10 your credits display would be 10,000.


This shows the total amount of money you have bet for the current spin.


How many different paylines you have bet on.


Your total amount of credits bet for the current spin.


Shows the total amount of money you won with the last spin.

Regular Play

All winning combinations during regular play start with an icon on the first reel on the left and continue along the payline from left to right. To create a winning combination the matching icons must be side by side on the payline without any other icons interrupting the pattern:


You can see all the possible winning combinations by clicking on the Pay Table button in the game panel.


The 18 paylines are:


The payout for a winning line depends on

  1. Which symbol appears
  2. How many consecutive same symbols appear. A winning payline will light up after the spin and will show a display of how many credits were won.

Wild Symbol

Wild on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th reel completes and doubles combos of 7. When completing winning 7 combos, Wild will expand to cover the entire reel.


Activating the Bonus Games

Lucky Seven Slots at Ace Live Casino offers two unique and exciting bonus games: Lucky Rainbow Bonus and Colour Bonus

Lucky Rainbow Bonus

When you see at least 3 bonus symbols on adjacent reels starting from the first reel on the left, the Lucky Rainbow Bonus will automatically open.

lucky rainbow bonus game

Above the reels you will notice that the title Lucky 7 has changed to Lucky Rainbow.

lucky rainbow bonus game window

The background music of the game also changes during Bonus. The number of free spins won is always 7.

Once you click the Start bonus button regular play reels change to special reels with only 7 coins of different colours and your 7 free spins will all be played out automatically.

There are no free spins, wild reel or bonus symbols. In the lower right of the game panel, there is a display of how many free spins you have remaining and a counter showing the total amount of winnings.

During the bonus, wins accumulated are shown in the display in the lower right of the game screen.

lucky rainbow win

By clicking the Back to game button, you will return to regular play mode.

Colour Bonus

The colour bonus game opens with 3 bonus symbols on the 3rd, 4th and 5th reels.

colour bonus activator

Above the reels you will notice that the title Lucky 7 has changed to Colour Bonus.

colour bonus preview

The game will go dark and only the Bonus symbols remain. By clicking on one of the 3 leaf clovers, you will find out the number of free spins you have won and the bonus colour (green, orange, light blue and pink 4 leaf clover). After returning to the color bonus panel, click the start bonus button and free spins will all be played out automatically.

During free spins, each Bonus Colour on the reel will be paid equal to the initial bet.

During the bonus, wins accumulated are shown in the display in the lower right of the game screen.

colour bonus win display

By clicking the Back to game button, you will return to regular play mode.

Note: If during a bonus another bonus opens, the first ends and the second starts automatically. All winnings obtained will be summed.

Game Options

Speed: You can turn adjust the speed of the reels when they spin using the Speed buttons.

Audio: You can turn on or off the the game audio using the speaker button in the bottom right corner of the game panel.

Autoplay: You can choose from 10 to 1000 spins which will automatically be carried out at the same bet amount as your last spin. Autoplay allows you to specify how many spins will be automatically placed using the same bet amount. During automatic spins, autoplay will be suspended whenever a bonus game opens.

Bet Limits

  • The minimum bet is 1 credit per spin.
  • The maximum bet is 90 credits per spin.

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