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Power Balls at Ace Live Casino


  • Common draw every 60 seconds
  • 12 different types of games
  • Repeat bets for up to 30 draws

What is Powerballs?

"Powerballs" is our version of the classic lotto game which automatically draws numbers every 60 seconds.
Have fun guessing which numbers will be drawn or what will be the sum total of numbers.
Will the total be odd or even? How many blue, red and yellow balls will be drawn?
There's no limit to the excitement when you're playing Powerballs.

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The Lotto game allows you to guess which numbers will be extracted. There are 5 different types of bets:

  • 1 number: You are betting on any single number that you pick showing up in the draw.
  • 2 numbers: Here you are betting on any two number combination from the numbers you picked to show up in the draw.
  • 3 numbers: Your bet is on any 3 number combos of the numbers you picked.
  • 4 numbers: This bet wins on any 4 number combos of the numbers you picked.
  • 5 numbers: When 5 numbers out of the numbers you chose show up in the draw, this bet wins.

Best 3

When playing Best 3 you must guess the exact order and position of the first 3 numbers drawn.
You'll also win if any 2 or all 3 of the numbers are drawn within the first 3, regardless of which of the first 3 positions they are in.

6th Special

In this game you can make guesses about the last ball to be drawn:

  • What number will the sixth ball be?
  • Will it be odd or even?
  • Will it be between 1/18 or 19/36?
  • Will the ball be blue, yellow, red or green?

Note: You can bet on odd/even, number range and colour bets at the same time.

Head to Head

Which ball will have a higher number, the first or the sixth ball drawn? In Head 2 Head you choose either the first ball or the sixth as the winner of the high number showdown.


In the Total game you must guess which range the total sum of all the numbers drawn will be. There are three ranges:

  • High: from 107 to 201;
  • Middle: from 104 to 106;
  • Low: from 10 to 103


The sector game has various ranges of numbers. You must guess which range the sum total of all 6 balls will fall within:

  • higher than 145
  • higher than 129
  • between 108 and 129
  • between 86 and 107
  • lower than 86
  • lower than 70

Each sector has its own payout which is based on the probability of the total being within that sector.


In this game you can guess whether each ball drawn will be higher or lower than the ball drawn before it.

You can play from 1 to 5 numbers to specify the hi/lo sequence you think will be drawn. All of your choices must come out in the correct order to win, and the more choices you make the higher the payout will be.

Even Odd

The Even and Odd game allows you to guess whether the sum total of all six numbers drawn will be odd or even, as well as whether there will be more even or odds numbers drawn.

Exact Colour

How many red balls will be extracted? How many blues? With the Exact Colour game you can guess how many balls of the various colours will be extracted. Choose either blue, yellow or red and then specify from 0 to 6 balls to place this bet.

Favorite Colour

In the Favourite Colour game the object is to guess which colour will appear the most in the balls drawn. You can also bet that no colour will win, in other words that there will be a tie between the colours drawn.

1X2 Colour

You'll bet on competing colours to predict if one will win over the other, or if there will be a tie between the two when you play 1X2 Colour. You can bet on one or more "matches" just like on a real soccer bet slip.

Extreme Colour

When you play Extreme Colour you will choose a single colour of the first and last balls. You can bet that the first and last balls will be either blue, yellow, red or green.


In the upper right hand corner of the game window you'll see a timer which counts down the seconds until the next draw.

You can place bets for the next draw up until 10 seconds before the numbers are drawn.
After that point any bets you place will be accepted for the subsequent draw. Confirmed bets are always shown in the Bet List with the draw number that they correspond to.

Draw Summary

Directly below the display of numbers drawn you will find the Draw Summary. This section gives you information about the results of the last draw.

The following information is displayed:

  • The sum total of the numbers drawn
  • The Sector that the total falls within
  • Whether the total is odd or even
  • Whether there were more odd or more even numbers, or whether it was a tie between even and odd
  • Whether the first ball or last ball won the Head 2 Head battle
  • Which colour showed up the most
  • The colours of the first and last balls
  • The hi/lo sequence

Bet List

Whenever you confirm a bet, it will appear in the Bet List which appears at the bottom of the game window.
When more than 6 bets have been confirmed a new page will automatically be created.
At the right side of the Bet List you will see how many pages of confirmed bets you have placed.
You can use the Up and Down arrows to scroll through your confirmed bets.
Clicking on any of your confirmed bets will open up a detailed display of the bet placed.

Last Bets

Your past bets are saved in this section. You can repeat the same bet by clicking in the square box to the left of the bet and then clicking the "CONFIRM" button.

Only the bets placed since opening the game will be displayed. Once the game is closed, this list is cleared.

Last Draws

From the time you open the game window, the results of the draws that come out are saved in the Last Draws section. Only draws within a single game session (from the time you open the game to the time you close it) will be displayed here.


When you've bet correctly on the results of the draw you will see a congratulatory message and your balance will automatically be updated with your winnings based on the payout odds of your winning bet(s).

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