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Rat-a-Keno at Ace Live Casino

Game Features

  • Extra Keno Special Bet


Keno is an instant lottery game in which 20 numbers are drawn from a pool of 80. You may pick between 1 and 15 numbers. The amount you can win depends on how many correct matches you achieve. The minimum number of correct matches needed to win a prize varies depending on how many numbers you select.

How to Play

  1. To play Keno you must first select your numbers by clicking on the grid. You may select between 1 and 15 numbers.
  2. You can also choose to have some or all of your numbers selected randomly using the RANDOM button. By default the RANDOM button is set to select 15 random numbers; you can use the arrows next to the button to change the number of random selections. You can click on the RANDOM button as many times as you like, until you are happy with the random numbers selected for you. If you want to have some random numbers and some manually selected numbers you must click the RANDOM button first and choose your remaining numbers afterwards.
  3. Note: Your number of RANDOM selections will be held in memory until you change it or you log out of the game.
  4. Click on the CANCEL button if you wish to delete all selections from the grid.
  5. The table on the left hand side of your screen shows the potential payout depending on how many of your selected numbers are drawn. You may switch from the Payout view to the Odds view by clicking on the ODDS button.
  6. Select your bet amount using the + and - buttons on either side of the COINS display at the bottom left hand corner of the game panel.
  7. Once you've chosen your numbers and your bet amount, you'll click the PLAY button to begin the number draw. You can use the + and - buttons next to PLAY to have your current number selection and bet amount automatically re-posted.
  8. By default the PLAY button is set to play just one draw, but you can increase this number up to a maximum of 99 consecutive games. You may also manually enter the number by clicking in the box and then typing the number of consecutive games you wish to play. Once you have clicked on the PLAY button, you will always be able to interrupt the series of games by clicking on the Stop button.
  9. Note: Your selection of consecutive games will be held in memory until you change it or you log out of the game.
  10. Once your draw (or series of draws) is completed, you will need to click on the NEW GAME button to collect any winnings and clear the board for the next game. If you'd like to play the same selection of numbers you played in the previous game click Same Bet. To play different numbers just click on the grid to select your numbers, or use the RANDOM button.

Extra Keno

Extra Keno is a special bet that you can place in addition to your chosen numbers. The Extra Keno bet costs the same amount as you've chosen for your regular keno bet. For example, if you are betting 1.00 on regular keno play it will cost you an additional 1.00 to play Extra Keno.

To activate the Extra Keno bet, click the EXTRA KENO button in the lower right hand corner of the game panel. You'll be asked to choose a specific quadrant of the board to bet on.

If 8 or more of the numbers drawn appear in your selected quadrant, you win the bet and are paid according to the following paytable:

  • 8 numbers: 10x your bet amount
  • 9 numbers: 15x your bet amount
  • 10+ numbers: 50x your bet amount

To cancel your Extra Keno bet before clicking the PLAY button, simply re-click the EXTRA KENO button or click the CANCEL button to clear all bets.

Button Functions

  • Coins

Allows you to set your bet amount. Click + to increase your bet or - to decrease.

  • Play

Once you've set your bet amount and chosen your numbers this button allows you to initiate the draw. Use the + and - buttons beside PLAY to have your bets repeated and numbers automatically drawn.

  • Random

Using the + and - buttons you can choose how many numbers the system will randomly choose for you.

  • Turbo

You can turn on or off the draw animation using this button. When the TURBO switch is in the "up" position, turbo is switched OFF and so you will see the full animation of the numbers being drawn. When it's in the "down" position, turbo is ON and so the numbers will be generated and shown on the board quickly, without the draw animation.

  • Extra Keno

This button allows you to activate and deactivate the Extra Keno bonus bet.

  • New game

Once a draw has completed, this button appears. Clicking NEW GAME will collect any winnings and clear the board for the next game.

  • Same Bet

This button appears after the NEW GAME button is clicked. It allows you to choose the same numbers you had chosen for the last draw. This includes the Extra Keno bet if you had activated it for the last draw.

  • Stop

When you've specified repeat bets using the feature beside the PLAY button to request more than one game, you can click STOP during the auto extractions to cancel additional repeat bets that have not yet been drawn.

  • Cancel

This button will clear all active bets from the board.

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