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Ace Live Casino welcomes you to “Live Blackjack Early Payout”!!!

Blackjack is one of the world’s favourite games but - you really think you’ve played the greatest blackjack already? Well - wait until you’ve tried ours!

To be ABSOLUTELY sure we can deliver a really great blackjack gaming experience to a wide number of players, we’ve developed a new, now patented game called “Blackjack Early Payout,” which allows for an unlimited number of players to more or less “sit” at the same table.

Can you believe that the pay-out on this game is 99%? Well – we can assure you it is!!!

We recommend you read the "How to Play" details further down the page to make sure you’re completely aware and understand the betting options you have here – and there are plenty!

Just Click on the Demo Now button above and you’ll see the Ace Live Casino Live Blackjack Early Payout Table. Want to learn how to play “Blackjack Early Payout???”

Well - just keep on reading - and then start playing!!!


How to Play “Blackjack Early Payout” (v. 2.0)

This game is brought to you by the developers of “Blackjack Early Payout.” Welcome to “Blackjack Early Payout” (v.2.0!) All you lovers of blackjack, whether pro or relatively new to the game will really love this feature-rich game which has been designed to deliver a really outstanding Live Dealer Blackjack experience.


The Main features of this great game are as follows:

You can bet on either one or two or all 3 hands each time. You don’t have to wait for a seat to become available!

This game is a really fast one – dealers will always be dealing the cards according to optimal player strategy, which is known to pro players as Basic Strategy. The benefit of Basic Strategy is that play is both consistent and fast. Your own result will never be affected by a bad decision made by another player - and you won’t have to wait.

Although Basic Strategy gives an exceptional game payout of 99.5% - blackjack players like to be given choices! So here, when you’ve placed a bet on each hand, you have the option to - either follow the Basic Strategy decision and HIT / STAND / DOUBLE or SPLIT or - you can always choose a different option.

The DEFAULT option (i.e. the Basic Strategy decision) is always highlighted in BRIGHT BLUE – or - you can always select YOUR OWN option, which will be highlighted in SILVER. The options will obviously change, depending on the hand dealt.

For example: if you’re hand comes to 15 and the dealer’s comes to 10, Basic Strategy would HIT. However, if you want you can opt to STAND, while the other players may accept the HIT. Here, if you choose to STAND, the following card dealt will not affect yours and will appear as a Ghost Card on your user interface.

You can always opt to take fewer cards than Basic Strategy recommends (i.e. you can STAND or DOUBLE when Basic Strategy recommends HIT) in every case BUT, you are never allowed to HIT when the Basic Strategy says STAND since the dealer will always follow Basic Strategy, no matter what the players choose.

Another outstanding feature in this game is its Early Payout. Every time your hand changes, an Early Payout amount is offered you, highlighted in Green. The Early Payout means you can take out the highlighted amount immediately and end your hand before the dealer deals any more cards. For example, if you’ve been dealt a hand of 20 and the dealer’s hand’s a 10, you can take a 50% profit immediately with the Early Payout – a pretty sensible decision should the dealer end up with 20!

Side Bets:

PAIRS and RUMMY are available as two optional side bets and are available in each of the three boxes.

Bets on PAIRS pay at 11 x 1 and you win on any pair (e.g. 3, 3, King, King, Ace, Ace) If you’re dealt happen any pair combination - you win!

Bets on RUMMY pay at 9 x 1. In some countries, this bet is called a 2 plus 1. This bet uses a 3-card combination: the Player’s first two cards PLUS the Dealer’s FACE UP card. Here are the 3 ways to win in a RUMMY bet:

Have a try at “Blackjack Early Payout” (v. 2.0) for yourself and you’ll find you’re playing the most exciting Blackjack game out there on the Web!

If you have any questions about how to play or bet on Live Blackjack Early Payout, you can ask your Live Dealer in the chat window, or contact the Ace Live Casino Customer Service Department.

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